Body scrub

p13Time: 70 mins - 505,000 vnd  body scrub & wrap (voted as best service)

Step 1: cleanse body with milk and salt sand

Step 2: rinse thoroughly with warm water

Step 3: apply fresh honey whole body

Step 4: facial massage with honey

Step 5: Moisturize your body with the following mixture (customer selects 1 out of the 3):

1. Corn + Lotus seeds 
2. Tumeric + Fresh milk 
3. Coffee + Fresh milk

In this step, the employees rub mixture  for penetrating into the skin and leave 25 minutes in incubation.

Step 6: Wash your hair and hair intensive moisturizing

Step 7: Rinse thoroughly with warm water and finish

Or you can choose korean-style peeling service 220.000 vnd - 70mins  - skillful professionals will use specialized gloves to perform the exfoliating (moisturizing stage not included in this process), you will be surprised to discover that the body has too much dead skins to be removed.

Exfoliating will help your skin brighter, more radiant and stimulate blood circulation, regenerate collagen, blur the bruising, staining, increase the efficiency of the skin, help nutrients penetrate the skin, nourish the skin from within in an optimal way. Skin becomes smoother, and more importantly it is clean and clearer cause the skin has been removed dirt, scum, dry skin or oil buildup.

massage 2

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