Therapy procedures

  1.  Receive keys & Jjim Jil uniform at reception , put shoes in closet, put clothes in wardrobe inside. Have a quick shower for refreshing
  2. Put on Jjim Jil clothes, move upstairs. Enjoy yourself in Jjim Jil Room like Herb Room,/Himalaya Salt Room/ Vocalnic rock room in about 25 minutes for sweating out toxins and regain energy then move to Igloo room. The main principle is the rotation from HOT to COLD and vice versa. Feel free to choose the room you like and then you can relax at Hinoki oxygen room for pure oxygen, or lie out under infrared cave for more absortion of infrared rays, or curing your back pain on the heating floor right up the infrared cave.
  3. Please do not forget to treat yourself Hot & cold mineral foot spa. All your nervous system will be gently massaged by refreshing water. Or lazily lying out at garden view bungalow
  4. After detoxifying by sweating out, remember to re-fill your body with fresh water or try out Korean traditional drinks name Sik hae made from fermented rice and raw barley which is good for digestion, weight loss, anti- atherosclerosis. Or baked egg smell specially irresistible
  5. Yet still feel hungry ? Just walking down the inside stairs to Mr BBQ & Ssam garden view restaurant in your comfortable Jjim Jil uniform , enjoy Korean cuisine culture and finish your day contemplating Phu My Hung famous Starlight Bridge (cau anh sao)
Hang on there!
If come to Jjim Jil Bang but still do not know about combination therapy of mordern techniques (infrared & negative ion) and special design of Jjim Jil Rooms will be something missing.
Kindly save several minutes to read about it at Spa therapies.
Have a good day.

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