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Cypress hinoki Oxygen Room

cypressThe beautiful Cypress (Hinoki) comes from Japan and known as “divine gift” which is used as imperial bath for royal ancestors.
Cypress has sterilization & skin beauty effect (keratin degradation, removal), naturally it radiates distintive “hinokition” anti-bacteria smell which help to balance mind and fall to a good sleep.
Cypress (hinoki) emits "Phytoncide" by itself to defend it from bacteria and other micro-organisms; “Phytoncide” known as natural antibiotics with the same quality as the one used in hospital, yet does not have any side effect and it is good for allergies, asthma as well as able to purify & neutralize toxic substance in the air and make it as fresh as in the forest.

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Vocalnic Ball Sauna

phong-da-muoi-hymalayaThis room is filled with heated Chun Gi To Vocalnic ball giving great effect of acupressure (massage) as well as equipped with therapeutic Jjim Jil Machine emitting infrared rays and negative ions (known as vitamins of the air). Chun Gi To is antioxidant and anti-aging substance contained with mysterious and rare earth minerals which help to excrete human waste and toxic substances out of the body. This will enhance biological defenses and natural healing against diseases and delay aging process.

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Mineral mud & chinese herb Sauna

thuoc_bac_2016.jpg  Togul Bang is designed with the floor by the mineral mud and the walls by natural loess soil, in addition equipped with a steam equipment (used    in medical treatment) radiating infrared rays and negative ions that create combined therapy. Loess is a natural material, which contains a lot of    nutritional minerals, with the efficacy of adjuvant therapy through the elimination of fatigue and skin diseases. In addition to be able to cut off the outside electromagnetic radiation. In according to many scientific studies, mineral mud is mud formed by natural geological changes, a natural     product of the earth's environment by biological degradation of organic substance (plants, herbs, flowers) through biochemical processes in nearly 40,000 years. The chemical composition of the sludge depends on the type of mud, but most contain cabonat, sulfates, phosphates, iron and sulfur minerals... The minerals in mud interact with the body working well for chronic diseases of musculoskeletal system, bones and joints, balance activities of the nervous system, which helps the skin beautiful, smooth, youthful ...Last but not least, the smell of chinese herb will soothe the nervous system.

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Himalayan rock salt Sauna

phong-da-nui-lua Using pure world-famous Himalayan rock salt for steaming while equipped with therapeutic steam equipment radiating infrared rays and negative ions that create combined therapy.The Himalayan rock salt is considered as “white gold” which contains 84 minerals very good for health, brought from the world second largest pristine salt mine. Natural minerals in rock salt under the effect of high temperature and infrared rays activated to help reduce fatigue, anxiety, depression, fatigue, frequent insomnia condition, allergies, migraines, colds, and make skin more beautiful ... In addition, rock salt helps balance the human energy, relax and strengthen the immune system, supports the activities of the heart, renal gland, thyroid and other organs, making the body more stable and strong. The light of rock salt plays as a catalyst to help us mentally stable, dispel fatigue and stress.

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Foot spa

bon-ngam-chan-nong-lanhYour feet will be gently massaged under the mineral hot and cold water. When you have the flu, cold feet or can not sleep, the combination therapy bath of hot water and cold water for the feet is essential. Hot water will push blood to the body's weak pulse, cold water then squeeze the blood circulation of the body. The exchange between the hot and cold water will massage your feet while stimulate the immune system and helps to relax the nerve endings in the body.

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Hot and cold minerals pool therapy

sa4Method of hot and cold contrast bath is good for health
Under the impact of mineral hot water, the body is relaxed while under the influence of cold water, the elasticity of the muscle increased significantly The hot water enlarges pores, and the opposite flow of cold water to shrink pores. As a result, the dirt will get rid of the pores on the skin. Hot-cold contrast baths have a huge role in regulating the nervous system. This therapy helps blood flow between organs and tissues in the body better, which helps increase metabolic processes in the body. In addition, it also helps the body remove impurities in the body. The difference in temperature helps body to be exercised.

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