Himalayan rock salt Sauna

phong-da-nui-lua Using pure world-famous Himalayan rock salt for steaming while equipped with therapeutic steam equipment radiating infrared rays and negative ions that create combined therapy.The Himalayan rock salt is considered as “white gold” which contains 84 minerals very good for health, brought from the world second largest pristine salt mine. Natural minerals in rock salt under the effect of high temperature and infrared rays activated to help reduce fatigue, anxiety, depression, fatigue, frequent insomnia condition, allergies, migraines, colds, and make skin more beautiful ... In addition, rock salt helps balance the human energy, relax and strengthen the immune system, supports the activities of the heart, renal gland, thyroid and other organs, making the body more stable and strong. The light of rock salt plays as a catalyst to help us mentally stable, dispel fatigue and stress.


The primary health benefit
- Reduce pain caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis, neuritis,
- Abdominal pain, regulate menstruation
- To relieve stress, burn fat, lose weight
- Antiseptic, reduce inflammation, detoxify
- Clean the skin, increase elasticity, make the skin white and smooth
- Treatment of allergic dermatitis, fungal feet, heat rash
- Treatment of colds, asthma, lung disease, allergies.
- Improves the body's pH

What’s so good about Himalayan Rock Salt?

Did you know the average person needs to consume around a third to half a level teaspoon of salt everyday to survive?

Without salt we would die! Salt in its raw state, is in fact a wonderful, cheap way of getting vital minerals into our bodies.

The problem is white, refined table salt has 82 minerals and essential nutrients wiped out during the refining process. This involves a 1200 degree heating treatment which alters the natural chemical structure of what’s left over – sodium chloride.

But it’s not just what is taken out during the process but what is put in! Additives such as bleaches and anti caking agents are added, typically 341/554/556 or sodium ferrocyanide – sounds appetising doesn’t it!

Refined White Table Salt:

Destabilises blood pressure
Can cause Cellulite, Kidney Stones and Rheumatism
Upsets your fluid balance
Acts as a diuretic (expels water from cells)
Contains fillers such as Calcium Carbonate and Aluminium Hydroxide
(The latter Aluminium is implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease)

So which salt is good for you?  Himalayan Rock Salt is a pristine source of natural mineral salts. Unbleached sea salt and Celtic salt are other good forms of unrefined natural salt, but why is Himalayan Rock salt the best?

For a start it looks impressive , due to the different shades of pink/orange/red/gold colours the salt comes in. These colours are formed from the 84 minerals contained in the Salt. Himalayan Rock Salt comes from a time when planet earth was a pristine eco system, over 250 million years ago.

How will your body benefit from Himalayan Rock Salt? Unlike the white, processed version, Himalayan Rock Salt helps:

Regulate the water content throughout your body
Balance excess acidity from your cells, particularly Brain cells
Clear mucus and phlegm from your lungs
Clear congestion in your sinuses, as it is a strong natural antihistamine
Prevent muscle cramps
Make the structure of your bones firm – Osteoporosis can occur when your body needs more salt and takes it from your bones
Regulate your sleep – it is a natural hypnotic
Maintain your libido
Prevent varicose veins and spider veins on your legs
Stabilize irregular heartbeats – in conjunction with water (salt) is actually essential for the regulation of your blood pressure!

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